Type & Lettering Design Intensive  


20 April

​Class times

10:00am - 5:00pm

5 days a week


Who is the Intensive for?

The perfect two week learning journey for graphic designers web and UX designers who want to learn how to design type and lettering.

The intensive is structured for graphic designers, typographers, lettering artists, web/UX designers, and educators. Content is useful also for Industrial Designers and Architects who are interested in learning how type works. 

Please note: 
vectorising skill in adobe illustrator is an essential course prerequisite


The fully immersive two week OSNS Type and Lettering Design Intensive provides learning which is expertly tailored around individual requirements of each participant.

It is not a one size fits all course, and being so specialised the numbers for the Intensive are being kept intentionally low so that each participant receives the copious one on one feedback which is a feature of the intensive.

With over 20 years experience as qualified educators in the tertiary sector, our expertise lies in the effective diagnosis of individual learning needs of each participant, to enhance individual talents and interests.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to prototype type design and lettering solutions using calligraphic technique 

  • Hand drawn and digital lettering technique using glyphs software 

  • Old style and modern letter proportion and rhythm

  • History of type classification systems and how these integrate into contemporary Type and Lettering systems

  • Type as Modular System

  • Sign writing brush technique

  • Deliberate skill building method for continual ongoing development of lettering and calligraphic arts after course completion

  • Design of a typeface specimen

  • Glyphs font design and editing software


Laptop with adobe suite, digital camera (iphone is ok), A copy of “Glyph” type design software who offer a free trial version. 

To Book Your Spot

If you are keen to participate in the OSNS Type and Lettering Journey, please email the course co-ordinator at info@newschoolfordesignandtypography.com to ascertain your suitability to take the journey, and also to confirm dates for 2020.

Why take the Intensive?

A correct understanding of type and lettering design will achieve lasting impact on the quality and efficiency of your lettering skills, and also your communication design skills.

Creating quality customised lettering and fonts is a useful skill for which there is a great demand. OSNS is the only centre in Australia that can show you how to prototype lettering and type quickly, by hand using calligraphic technique. It all starts with an understanding of the nexus between writing by hand, lettering, and type design is essential


Special book titles, poster titles, logos, and bespoke typefaces you build from scratch will transcend the branding assets you design to the forefront of design influence. 

Teaching and Learning Model

The structure of the OSNS Type And Lettering Intensive rests on the educational expertise and scholarship of school founder Veronica Grow, who has more than 20 years experience as international academic and practising designer.  


An enquiry-based learning model that supports open discussion, collaboration, experimentation, critique, investigation, and self reflection is our teaching method. Enquiry-based learning places the mature learner at the centre of his/her learning experience and encourages learners to reflect over process and thinking for lifelong learning.  

An individually tailored ongoing collaborative process between teacher and student is invaluable. Typical sessions include practical exercises, mini workshops, hands-on sessions, lectures (where applicable), and group or individual feedback sessions and excursions.

Withdrawal from the digital buzz in a beautiful environment enables our students to quietly master the patience and concentration to inform ideas and creative outputs that will enhance the understanding of digital typography. Students are surrounded by the rich resource of the OSNS type and lettering library, stacked with rich historic examples of the finest type and lettering.