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Custom Typeface 

The success of an international publishing deal to sell bestselling author Meredith Gaston's  "The Art of Wellbeing" to a global market rested on the wizardry of OSNS Type Designers Dan Milne and Veronica Grow to replicate exactly Gaston's 3 styles of hand lettering digitally into three different fonts for each of her styles of lettering. 

The task of re drawing the hand lettering for each different language version of Norwegian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Swedish required a full character set. 

Hardy Grant and Gaston have subsequently used the fonts to design a range of Gaston Homeware which is available in Susan's stores and publish her second book: "The Art of Kindness" . 

about Meredith.jpg
FEATURE - Discretionary Ligatures

Meredith Script is a result of programming wizardry, whereby over 100 different possible character pairings were programmed into the font design software. For these contextually alternate pairings to work, it was necessary to draw up to four alternate characters for many basic characters such as s, e, and C.

Alternate characters script.jpg
FEATURE -  Gestural Inflection

A clear wobble either to the right or left on many downstrokes is one of the characteristics of Gaston's handwriting. It was also important to reproduce the rounded "blob" resulting from the initial extra pressure of a felt tip marker exerted at the beginning of strokes by Gaston. A tiny detail that defines the character of her handwriting and the font.  

gestural inflection meredith.jpg
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