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It's time

to extend your typographic mastery.


With deep academic experience in the tertiary Communication Design sector, design educator Veronica Grow founded OSNS in 2011. Grow, type designer and lettering artist, alongside being a qualified educator with long experience as a course builder, was keen to reintroduce skill based learning into Tertiary Education.

Her rich experience in the tertiary sector had included devising and leading new programs of collaborative learning, as well as devising course renewal of countless tertiary communication design programs over the years. 

Experience had taught her the value of an alternative design education which utilises not just the head, but the whole body. Throughout the course of human evolution the fine motor skills required to invent tools, and write, have correlated with the development of the huge human brain and the human capacity for invention of language and ideas. Studies prove that skill based learning builds new neural pathways and does essentially make us more creative, move intelligent. Tacit or embodied knowledge is the term used to describe this embedded and felt knowledge which emerges from "doing" and "making". 

It’s also opened many doors for me in the type and lettering world. Left to my own devices I’d still be 'swimming in the kids pool’ and getting forever frustrated and bored with imposter ‘calligraphers’ on Instagram.

Angela Chan / UX Designer / Sydney Australia

Working alongside peers has been of great assistance to my learning, giving feedback and seeing how other people work has been of great motivation and benefit to my progress. The school is a great working environment with many useful resources, it’s a great space for learning.

Shelby DeFazio / Communication Designer / Melbourne Australia

Definitely the combination of practical and physical works well for me. Putting into practice what I have learned really cements the knowledge. I have found painting allows me to feel the type which helps when designing type manually. For me it translates well.

Lydia Anstis / Communication Designer / Melbourne Australia

I’ve learned SO much. I can see and explain the difference between translation and expansion. I’ve also improved my skills and knowledge on roundhand and flourishing. I’ve learned a lot about how things look optically versus how they’d look if they were mathematically designed. Overshoot, spacing, weight, and contrast are all things I’m looking at much more closely now when working on fonts. Being able to work in Glyphs is a new skill I’ve gained as well. 

Emily Knapp / Communication Designer / Minniapolis USA

Praise from our students

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