Tailor a short course or workshop to suit the needs of your designers.  

OSNS works directly inhouse with leading studios providing private typographic education tailored specifically for the learning needs of your designers.

Bringing a holistic understanding of type design to your designers will improve studio outcomes and is about much more more than team building.

Our twenty years of professional experience teaching Melbourne's leading Creatives, as well as working in house with leading design Studios speaks for itself. 

Make a huge difference

In today's rapidly changing world of high design, audiences have become typographically aware. Upskilling designers in house means that increasingly, savvy Agencies and Studios save valuable time and money that they traditionally spent outsourcing type and lettering to expensive agencies.  


Designing a display face and original logo from scratch in house saves the outlay of costly font licensing fees for multiple users incurred by larger corporations, along with legals and other licensing issues.

OSNS works directly in house teaching design teams the methodology to improve both efficiency and quality when working with or creating their own custom typography. Such a wise investment saves Creative Directors the overheads and headache of rehiring and is a great morale booster to lift the spirits and relieve studio pressure well known to any creative professional. 

Leading Design studios such as Savi Design, and Cotton On work directly with the school to bring typographic knowledge and skills to their design teams. Designers at Savi Graphics participated in a fully immersive two day introduction to type design. Adept designers were quick to grasp the skills required to create their own working custom type from found vernacular signage. They are now applying the skills across many of their branding roll outs. 

The design output for the women's wear design team at Cotton On is a minimum of 100 T Shirt graphics a month. It was therefore essential that the skill of Brush lettering was taught by an expert who did not deliver the information rote style but could provide the historical background to the technique, to enable designers to customise the technique to a wide variety of styles for different applications.

Course Ideas

Tailoring a a special short course or workshop to suit the needs of your designers is our expertise. 

Alternatively, here are some ideas that your designers may find useful. 


  • The script logo (suitable for packaging and label design)

  • Fundamentals of typeface design. 

  • Introduction to glyphs software. 

  • Vectoring lettering and type. 

What the Design

Studios Think

Sunday Birch 

Senior Designer

Cotton On Group

We hired Veronica to spend two days working with our design team. They utilse the skills alot to design T Shirts, and it was important that they understood the history of the writing style, and the many styles, to prevent them locking into only one style which will date. They use their skills for a wide range of apparel, and we no longer need to hire freelancers. 

Marc Lyons

Creative Director

Savi Communications

A major requirement of our design team is rolling out branding collateral for Melbourne Property Developments. Their Typographic Palette was restricted. Veronica spent two days with our team of ten designers, teaching them how Type Design Works. I was surprised at how quickly some amazing Display Faces came into production. While none of them aspire to becoming professional type designers, that is not the point. They are all using type with greater respect and consideration, and it has made a huge difference to their design solutions. Thankyou Veronica !